Online Gamer gets U.S. visa as pro athlete

Under the U.S. immigration law there are number of opportunities to immigrate or temporarily work, or temporarily visit and stay in the United States. LA Times reported a news that an online gamer is also eligible to receive U.S. visa as pro athlete. Online game League of Legends star Danny ‘Shiphtur’ Le of Canada is the first to be granted such a visa normally awarded to internationally recognized athlete. Like stars on sports teams, Le needed the visa to live and practice with his Riverside squad. With a generation of children having grown up playing video games, the decision by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has been widely perceived as elevating America’s newest professional sport to the same class as old-school stalwarts. And in a worldwide competition in which the winning team can take home $1 million in prizes, the ability to sign the best players — whether from Canada or South Korea or Russia — was seen as a must-have for U.S squads.

If you are a pro athlete and seeking to work and stay in the U.S. now there will be a possiblity to seek a visa as an internationally recognized athlete.