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Find Help and Treatment

August 03, 2023

Learn how to find quality care for yourself or a loved one or for patients or clients. It’s important to note that online therapy may not be a suitable option for some people with alcoholism. This includes those who may be battling severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or who may be struggling with a co-occurring metal […]

Learn about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Therapists

January 29, 2021

CBT can help people learn to identify and challenge distorted thoughts, and then replace them with realistic thoughts, changing the cycle of anxiety. Therapists need to demonstrate considerable expertise in the approach. People in therapy will benefit most when they cooperate fully with the treatment program. People with certain complex mental health needs may not […]

Dialectical behavior therapy: What is it and who can it help?

November 19, 2020

Linehan found that standard CBT often led patients to become hostile or to abandon therapeutic programs altogether, because the patients tended to experience the programs’ emphasis on life changes as invalidating. DBT is one of several forms of psychotherapy that were developed in what is known as the “third wave” of CBT programs. These treatments […]