For over thirty years, Law Offices of Rakesh Mehrotra has been engaged in the practice of immigration and nationality law and is widely recognized as a top tier immigration law firm is the U.S. The firm represents small, mid-sized and large companies, and individuals undergoing immigration, US Visa and green card process throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

The Firm’s clientele is from a wide variety of industries that include information technology, telecommunications, biotech, banking, financial services, steel manufacturing, hospitals, and academic institutions. Our full range of immigration lawyer services include nonimmigrant US Visas like B/E/H/K/L/O/P/R/TN and others, as well as permanent residency (green card) through professional Labor Certifications, Employment Based First Category, and National Interest Waivers) and complex immigration cases.

The focus of our firm is to provide quality legal services and exceptional customer care at costs that are both reasonable and competitive. Our commitment to superior standard of service has made us one of the most respected firms in the immigration world. We pride ourselves in helping clients develop effective immigration strategies that maximize successful immigration outcomes and avoid the pitfalls of immigration compliance. Our redeeming feature is the quality of our work and our attention to detail. Our goal is to guide and provide a seamless environment between client and attorney throughout the immigration process. We offer an open, accessible law firm, willing to represent our clients’ interests ethically, zealously and expeditiously.

What distinguishes our immigration practice from others is our highly experienced team of attorneys and support staff dealing with “people” in the world of immigration and naturalization. Our attorneys keep pace with rapidly changing immigration laws and growing public expectations by continuously updating our knowledge. Our satisfaction is derived by helping businesses grow through immigration; helping families and individuals obtain employment or a new home country and in general live the “American Dream” which has been bringing immigrants to the US for over two centuries. Our immigration attorneys are recognized leaders within a highly specialized area and are active in industry groups such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association and various bar associations.

Our goal is also to make our Firm a warm and welcoming place to come to work. We are known for a firm environment that is highly professional, congenial, and also highly efficient. We offer exceptional training to incoming staff, reward good performance while making sure that nobody has to sacrifice their personal life to succeed here.

We welcome any inquiries you may have regarding our services. Please contact our office via telephone or email to request an in-office appointment or telephone consultation regarding your immigration needs.